Smart Nano Bio Systems

BIOSYS group's research aims at understanding biophysical phenomena within microfluidic devices, as well as at promoting new nanofabrication technologies for the life sciences. The smart nanobiosystems (BIOSYS) team has been developing innovative micro/nanofluidic systems towards biological applications. This multi-disciplinary field studies 6 research topics including :

7 permanent research staffs are working on this extremely multi-disciplinary axis of research.

Biosys News


The latest Sensors and Actuators paper on microrobotics is online! 

On-chip multimodal vortex trap micro-manipulator with multistage bi-helical micro-swimmer

Published in CNRS La Lettre Innovation:

A barcode for the fast identification of very dilute biomolecules

by Anne-Marie Haghiri-Gosnet (On-chip analysis) 


Article published in Electrochimica Acta

Influence of the atomic nitrogen content in amorphous carbon nitride thin films on the modulation of their polarizable interfaces properties