On-chip Magnetic actuation and detection

Scientific Leader: Mehdi Ammar

Postdocs: Olivier Lefebvre

PhD Students: Etienne Laborie, Nessrine Jebari

For highly efficient integrated immunoassays in microfluidic conditions, a novel lab-on-chip for ovalbumin based on magnetic detection has been proposed. This microfluidic device integrates microcoils allowing trap and control of magnetic nanoparticles (MNP) during the biofunctionalization steps. In fact, 300nm MNP were successfully blocked and released by monitored microcoils with high precision, enhancing the performances of the immunoassays (quality and specificity of immunocomplex formation). Using this novel device, we have demonstrated a LOD at the picomolar level (<90 pM) for ovalbumin detection [Lefebvre et al., Bio-Sensing Research, 2017, vol. 13, 115-121], which is significantly better than traditional MNP methods without control showing LODs in the nanomolar range.